Freelance .NET Xamarin MAUI IoT Developer that just so happens to fly a Boeing 787 around the world.

Flying and Aviation

I will from time to time write a post about aviation and flying the Airbus A320 around Europe. I have been asked many times to do this but never really known what to write about, so if you have an idea of a subject you want to hear about the world of Aviation/Flying drop me an email and let me know.

For now here are some nice pictures for you to enjoy…

Aurora Borealis

We Get some amazing views of the Aurora Borealis out of the flight deck window while the passengers are sleeping. Best office window in the world. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Out the Window

I couldn’t hold the camera still enough for the exposure time hence it’s a little shaky! AuroraOutTheWindow

HUD Rise.

One that I guarantee every B787 pilot has taken and has more than a few on their phone. HUDRise


As the flightdeck is often very dark and we have night adjusted our eyes we get some amazing views of the stars/planets and milkyway… Then the sun comes up as it tends to do and tries to burn our eye but the view is still amazing. Sunrise

Melting Ice Caps

I have been flying across the Atlantic/Greenland for over 10 years now and in that short time I have noticed the changing landscape. We often now see the Fjords of Greenland almost clear of Ice in the summer. MeltingIceCaps