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Setup HotRestart for iOS on Windows

If you develop Xamarin Applications and you’re on Windows then here is how to plug your iPhone into your Windows machine and debug without a Mac

Create your own Xamarin.Forms NuGet

If you have an Open PR with Xamarin.Forms but need the fix to get your project working then here is the process to create your very own NuGet with your super fix while you wait for the PR to be merged.

Xamarin.Forms NEW Expander Control

Coming along in the new Xamarin.Forms 4.6 release which at the time of writing is at 4.6pre4 (So it's due very soon!) is a new control called the ExpanderControl

Ideas For a Visual Studio Tool

An Idea of mine for making Images easier to work with in Visual Studio when building a new Xamarin App that targets Andriod/iOS and UWP...

Working with Images in Xamarin.Forms

Developing a Xamarin app and wondering how you add an image, where they go and what sizes are needed