Freelance .NET Xamarin MAUI IoT Developer that just so happens to fly a Boeing 787 around the world.

Connect an ESP32 To Azure IoT Hub with NanoFramework

Connect an ESP32 To Azure IoT Hub with NanoFramework using DotNet and C#

Using the Open Source project NanoFramework I'll show you how to connect and ESP32 device that is very cheap to Azure IoT Hub and send telemetry data up to the Cloud for processing.

Azure Percept/Edge device OTA Updates

Using the Azure IoT Over The Air updates system

How to set-up and use the Azure IoT Edge OTA (Over The Air) Updates system to update the OS on your Percept and other Azure Edge devices.

Using the Azure Percept as an Aircraft Part Checker

Can the Percept EYE camera be used to aid store room staff to pack the correct aircraft parts for shipping?

This tutorial will show how I use the Azure Percept and Custom Vision to train a model to identify Aircraft Components to aid the warehouse staff in picking and packing the correct parts before shipping.

First Impressions of the Azure Percept DK

Unboxing the Percept DK and first thoughts on the device and the tooling.

I'll be unboxing the new Azure Percept DK that was kindly loaned to me by Microsoft and showing how easy it is to set-up and detailing it's specs and first thoughts.

Secretless Connection to CosmosDB from Xamarin Pt1

Connect to CosmosDB and WebAPI with no Secrets or Keys in your Mobile App or WebAPI config, so no chance of checking them into Source control.